Cranberries by Alex Horner

Wakeboarding on a cranberry bog. ‘Nuff said.

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The Constant and The Flux (excerpt) by Callum Cooper

Weekend Challenge: A Unique Point of View

For this Weekend Challenge we’re going to focus on using Point of View (POV) shots as artistic tools. POV is a shooting technique that shows the perspective of a scene from a character or object’s position in the setting, whether it’s seeing the world through someone’s eyes or experiencing the action of orbiting a person as a jumprope, like in this mesmerizing video from Callum Cooper.

Point your view to the Vimeo Video School for the full Challenge >

This is sooo cool!

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Dance, baby dance like the world is ending (x)

Feelin’ myself on a good day 

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Too Young to Wed: Destaye by TooYoungtoWed

Destaye was 11-years-old when she was taken out of school and forced into marriage. Now a 15-year-old mother and wife, she must divide her time between working in the fields and tending to her child. 

Heartbreaking film 

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This Encouraged me to focus on something this summer, i think this will help my research for my next film for the third year on University.

I think you should try it too!


Stereotypic Underperformance - 22nd June! Trailer !

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“Stereotypic Underperformance” Is A Double Bill Celebrating Emerging Female Choreographers. 
The Evening Will Present Two New Contemporary Dance Works By Choreographer 
Louise Kesley (Artistic Director of Shaded Voice A Resident Company At Middlesex University) &
Rachael Nanyonjo (Artistic Director of Kansaze Dance).


This is my latest Non-Fiction short film called “Adrenaline Junkie”

Please watch and Enjoy xx


Aerial Atom Time!!!